When People Get You Wrong

Often through life, you will encounter people who get you totally wrong. It can be friends, coworkers, and even family members. Sometimes these people will attempt to bring you down to their way of living and their way of thinking. Or, if they are doing well themselves, they will try to compare you to someone else who is not doing well, or paint someone else’s lifestyle, attitude, or behaviour on you.

Do not allow people to do this to you. You must know who you are and what God’s perfect purpose is for your life. If people talk about you, call you names, compare you to others, or even think that you are less than they are because you are not like them or you don’t do the same things they do, should be of little importance to your life. Don’t let people’s thoughts about you weigh you down. Don’t let what people say behind your back or to your face hinder you from moving forward in the path God has set for you.

Aren’t you glad that no two people are the same. We don’t think the same way, look the same way, act the same way, or talk the same way. Sometimes, people can see the same problem in two totally different ways. Some people are not disorganized, just differently organized. Some people don’t think crazy, they just think differently. Some people are not loud, they’re just creative. You don’t have to be like anybody else. You are unique, special, “fearfully and wonderfully made”, and one of a kind in the eyes of God.

When people get you wrong, you don’t have to respond to them. Ignore them and pray for them. When they learn to appreciate differences, they will learn to appreciate and respect themselves and their God-given gifts as well as yours. Be the best version of you!

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