Use Your Talents and Shine Bright


God has given each and every person born into this world a destiny. Destiny, by definition, is a predetermined course of events, or events that are certain to happen in a person’s future. God did not allow you to enter the world just to exist and take up space. He made you to do something with your life that will make a difference.

Along with destiny, God has given all people talents and gifts to fulfill their purpose. In the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30, a man called his three servants and gave each of them talents, according to their abilities. He gave one servant five talents, the other he gave two talents, and the last received one talent. The first two servants went and invested their talents and got double what they had before. The last servant went and hid his talent and gained nothing at all.

We are not responsible for how many talents we get; we are only responsible for using the talents we have to the best of our ability. Discovering your destiny is simply discovering what you were created to do in life. Once you find that out, you have the privilege of pursuing it with everything you have.

No one can hinder you or stop you from using your talents for good. People may try to do so, but they will never succeed unless you let them. Your talents are the things that make you stand out. If you are talented, and you very much are, you need to step out of your comfort, come out of hiding, and shine as the bright star you were made to be.

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