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PULL THROUGH (Live. Pray. Hustle. 03/26/17)

There are times in all of our lives when we will feel as though we won’t make it through. The upcoming major test. The impending divorce. The two weeks notice on your house. The pink slip on your desk. The … Continue reading

CLICK (Live. Pray. Hustle. 01/06/17)

We are often blinded to connections. If we saw up-front how every step connected to the next step that creates the entire staircase to our destination, we might never get there. Because some steps are cracked, others are creaking, others … Continue reading

Trust Day by Day (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 363)

Matthew 6:11 (NLT) Give us today the food we need. God can see the end from the beginning, but He gives us just enough light, strength, grace, and provisions for this day. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not next month. … Continue reading

Thoroughly Confident (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 355)

1 John 5:14 (NLT) And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him. It is comforting to know that we can talk to God at any time about anything and be confident that … Continue reading

We Knows He Hears Us and He Answers (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 354)

1 John 5:15 (NLT) And since we know he hears us when we make our requests, we also know that he will give us what we ask for. One of the most frustrating things in the world is to ask … Continue reading

In the Waiting Room (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 331)

Hebrews 6:15 (NLT) Then Abraham waited patiently, and he received what God had promised. When family and friends gather at the hospital for the birth of a child, what is the scariest part? The exciting part is that a new … Continue reading

Moving Mount Everest (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 286)

Mark 11:22-23 (NLT) Then Jesus said to the disciples, Have faith in God. I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. But you … Continue reading

You Aren’t the Answer to Your Own Prayers (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 261)

Psalm 37:7a (NLT) Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. What do we tend to do most when we’re waiting? We grumble, complain, and murmur about how long the line is, why … Continue reading

Start A Continuous Conversation (365 Days of Daring Faith — DAY 259)

Psalm 116:1-2 (NLT) I love the Lord because he hears my voice and my prayer for mercy. Because he bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath! As believers, we grow in our relationship with … Continue reading

Will the Real Friends Stand Up? (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 215)

Job 6:14 (NLT) Anyone who withholds kindness from a friend forsakes the fear of the Almighty. You can find out real quickly who your real friends are when you’re in the middle of a crisis. If you have a problem, … Continue reading

Search for Help in the Right Place (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 200)

Matthew 14:29-30 (NLT) “Yes, come,” Jesus said. So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus. But when he saw the strong wind and the waves, he was terrified and began to sink. … Continue reading

Finding What You’re Looking For (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 180)

Jeremiah 29:13 (NLT) If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me. “Let your heart guide you.” People offering this advice don’t understand something about the heart. It is a good place to turn into at times, but it … Continue reading

Pray. Believe. Ask. Receive. (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 137)

Mark 11:24 (NLT) I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours. When we pray and ask God for something, we exercise our faith that what we ask for … Continue reading

Closer Than You Think (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 120)

Psalm 145:18 (NLT) The Lord is close to all who call on him, yes, to all who call on him in truth. God is always closer than we think. He is even closer than we can feel. We don’t always … Continue reading

All Ya Gotta Do Is Ask (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 78)

James 4:2b (NLT) Yet you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it. God has two primary businesses in the world. The first is to save souls. The second is answer prayers. Many times, we don’t … Continue reading

When You’re Left Alone (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 59)

Genesis 32:24 (NLT) This left Jacob all alone in the camp, and a man came and wrestled with him until the dawn began to break. When we think of being alone, our minds wander into all sorts of different territories. … Continue reading

Prayer: Joy and Service

GOD, give us deeper understanding of life and deeper meaning to what life is all about. Lead us in Your way to richness and fullness of joy and service to others. IN JESUS NAME. AMEN.

Talk to God Before You Talk to People (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 53)

Psalm 133:1 (NLT) How wonderful and pleasant it is when brothers live together in harmony! God desires for all His children to dwell together in unity, harmony, and grace towards each other. Nothing hurts God’s heart more than to see … Continue reading

Just Ask For It (365 Days of Daring Faith – DAY 42)

Romans 8:32 (NLT) Since he did not spare even his own Son but gave him up for us all, won’t he also give us everything else? For most of us, when we were little, we didn’t really worry about basic … Continue reading

Prayer: Full of Faith and Focus