What Impact Do You Want to Have?


At some point or another, we all will have an impact on the life of some person or a group of people. That impact may be felt by a single family member or a friend, a classroom of young children or a co-worker, a single client or an entire audience. What we say, what we do, and the manner in which we act can shape the life of the people we meet.

When finding and pursuing purpose, it is important to think about what kind of impact we want to have on other people. We can always have an impact if we choose to do so. In fact, even if we don’t intentionally choose it, we are having an impact for good or bad, directly and indirectly, by the way in which we lead our lives. It is up to us, however, to choose to have the right kind of impact by doing and saying the right things, and thus inspiring others to positive things as well.

One person can make an impact. You don’t have to be powerful or famous to make a difference. Making a difference starts by choosing to do your very best right where you are. You can change things even if it is just for one single person. You don’t have to be a billionaire CEO of a company to have an impact. Your impact starts right where you are, among your circle of friends, family, and associates. Sometimes, the real measure of impact is how you changed a single person’s life. Because changing one person’s life can have a ripple effect and cause that person to change millions of people’s lives simply because of the positive impact you had on them.

The world is a vast place but we all can make a difference. When we find our purpose, we can begin to do just that.

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