Finding Satisfaction


How do you define satisfaction? When we think of satisfaction, many of us think of reaching goals at work, material possessions, money, or even power. We often link our success to satisfaction and vice-versa. We are quick to compare ourselves to others and their status in our community or in society. If we don’t climb the corporate ladder or make a lot of money or have the finer things in life, we think of ourselves as a failure.

When we are looking for satisfaction, we must take a good look at our true purpose in life. Are we defining our success by what it means to us as individuals, by the standards we have set for ourselves? Or are we defining success by what other people say it is? You see, success for one person is not necessarily the definition of success for another person.

When we find our purpose, we will find our fulfillment. When we find this fulfillment, we will feel whole and in turn be satisfied by where we are in life and by what we are doing. If you do not like your job, then you are not satisfied. You are still searching. If you do not like your life, you are not satisfied. You are seeking, I hope, to make it better. Nobody can live your life for you, likewise, nobody can define your satisfaction. You will find the satisfaction and the contentment that you seek when you reach that sweet spot of purpose that is specific to you and to your life.

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