Define What Makes You Happy


Everybody wants to be happy. In fact, I’ve never met a person who did not want to be happy. Happiness is characterized by inner contentment, pleasure, or delight. Too often, people are on a journey towards happiness. True happiness, however, is not just a journey; it is a certain destination. Happiness can be found, embraced, and carried with us throughout life.

If you don’t know what makes you happy, that is fine. You can start finding out what does make you happy by asking yourself about the things that don’t make you happy? What are some things you absolutely do not like? Where does your energy get drained the most? Once you find the things you don’t like and move them out of the way, you’ll have a clearer path to replace them with things that do make you happy.

Happiness is always an inside job. The happiness within us will exude on our faces, in our thoughts, and in our actions. We can define our happiness by finding our purpose. When we begin doing what we are made to do, we bring meaning and significance to our lives, and we will in turn find happiness. You will be at the height of happiness, when you focus on the special thing you are uniquely called to do.

Finding this happiness in your purpose does not mean our life is completely devoid of problems and unfortunate situations. But when we encounter such things, we will have the courage to face them and the strength to deal with them. Looking within ourselves and choosing to develop a positive perspective about our place in the world, can help us find the happiness we want in life.

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