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Look at Your Purpose, Then Look at Your People

It is very important when you are in pursuit of your purpose that you take a careful look at the people around you. Do the people around you support you in what you are doing? Do they encourage you, give … Continue reading

Purpose Is Doing What You Love

What do you love to do? This question gets tossed about much like a rag doll does. Underneath the surface of this question, however, is really finding out what you were made to do. We don’t necessarily love everything we … Continue reading

Purpose Is Not Defined by Feelings

Before we were conceived in the womb, God called each one of us to do something unique and special in the world. He had a plan specifically designed for us, and He gave us everything we need to fulfill that … Continue reading

Purpose Creates a Plan

Purpose creates a plan. Purposeful people do not dive into something without first creating a strategy by which accomplishment will be gained. A plan is a guide. It gives us direction and structure by which we can implement ideas to … Continue reading

Created to Create

God has given all of us creative minds to conceive new ideas and to make those ideas become realities. Just as God thought of the world and everything in it, He gave us beautiful minds to think of things as … Continue reading

What Purpose Is Not

Purpose is not your job, your daily responsibilities, or your goals. Purpose is not about getting rich, having the biggest house, the finest car, or being able to buy the latest fashions.

You Are Specially Called

God has given you talents, skills, and abilities that only you have. No one can do what you can do the exact way you can do it. You are a unique creation. God does not make duplicates.

Only YOU Can Fulfill Your Purpose

God has given you a life that only you can live. No one else can live your life for you. So often, people spend their time looking at what other people are doing and dreaming about being like someone else … Continue reading

Purpose Is Found by Looking Upward

God has given each of us a purpose in life. That purpose is solely defined in God and what He wants for our lives. Purpose does not begin or end with us. It begins and ends with God.