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Want to Get into Your Dream School? Mentr Is the Way to Do It

Mentr is the must have mobile app that helps provide college preparation and admissions advice to high school students and their parents. 

Liberty Champion: Saying ‘Thanks and Yes’ – Alumna Publishes Year-Long Devotional About Daily Gratitude

Thank you, Stephanie Baderman and Liberty Champion for featuring my latest book “Thanks and Yes” in the newspaper.  Daniella Whyte, a Liberty University alumna, has recently released her third devotional book on gratitude. Whyte’s devotional is called “Thanks and Yes: … Continue reading

We Are Finished…Thank You and Happy New Year!

It’s the end of 2016 and we have finished two awesome series on the blog this year: 365 Days of Daring Faith and 365 Days of Spirited Living (Really 366, thanks to the leap year). Perhaps, at some time in … Continue reading

New Book Now Available: “The Greatest Giver”

Light • Joy • Wonder • Possibilities • Peace • Victory • Purpose • Love • Hope • Forgiveness • Grace • Eternal Life  The gift of Jesus Christ to humankind is the greatest gift ever given. But it is … Continue reading

Daniella Whyte Releases New Book, Thanks and Yes: 365 Days of Coffee Drinking and Grateful Living

Thanks and Yes isn’t as much a book about giving thanks as it is about living thankfully. Not the words of thanks which are cheap and usually insincere, but the attitudes and the actions, the thoughts and the behaviors, the … Continue reading

Thank You for the Birthday Wishes!

Support The Virtuous Girls’ Middle East Mission

In January 2014, the Islamic State (also known as ISIS and ISIL) started taking control of Iraq, capturing and killing those who did not agree with them and forcing thousands of families to flee their homes. Much of the world … Continue reading

Support “Bark Box” by The Virtuous Girls and Help Raise Awareness for Middle East Refugees

We are raising awareness to help Middle East refugees have a better Christmas and a brighter future. Join our Thunderclap to help share BARK BOX and help raise $10,000 by December 25 to donate to “The Cradle of Christianity Fund”.

Support Thierry Koehrlen and ‘On the Road to Honesty for Kids’

On the Road to Honesty for Kids Why should you support this campaign? Trust me, I speak by experience: most families with children and schools -if not all of them- would highly benefit from this On the Road to Honesty … Continue reading

Review of “#BEMORE: 77 Secrets To Your Powerful Life” by Sandi Krakowski

#BEMORE is unique, inspirational, and powerful from page one to the very end. Each of the 77 topics or secrets are jam-packed with quality information that is not only beneficial for business, but certainly beneficial for life. Sandi’s energetic, spirited … Continue reading

A Special Thank You for a Great 2014! Looking Ahead to 2015!

New Release! “The Greatest Giver: Embracing the 12 Gifts of Jesus” Now Available!

The gift of Jesus Christ is certainly the greatest gift ever given to humankind, but it is not the only gift. When Jesus came into the world, He made it possible for us to obtain so many other gifts – … Continue reading

New Release! “Gratitude Is…” Now Available!

Gratitude is one of those words that comes across as an idea, an afterthought, as something obviously to be done in passing without much thought. But sometimes, the deeper meaning of gratitude and the benefits that come from it are … Continue reading

New Edition! “365 Days of Thanking God” Is Now Available!

This book is not about the holiday called Thanksgiving. It is not about how to celebrate Thanksgiving. This book is a challenge to you to cultivate a heart of thankfulness to God and to the people He has placed in … Continue reading