5 Things You Can Do Right Now

5 Things You Can Do Right Now

1. Build a positive circle of influence. The people you allow into your life will influence your life one way or another. Make sure they are people who celebrate your skills and talents and encourage you to be your best self and give your best gifts.

2. Deal with yourself. Isn’t it amazing how so many people can offer advice to so many other people without any regard for their own issues? There are many things we cannot change in the world, but it does not give us an excuse to change the things we can. Deal with your own internal and external issues.

3. Embrace your vulnerabilities. Life is a continuous cycle of choosing between fear and courage, staying the same or growing. You need to choose growth because when we grow we give ourselves a chance to be strong, to build connection, and to reflect truth.

4. Stop fighting your fears and take risks. Focus on working hard, being courageous, and having faith. In the end, fear will still be there, but it will be defeated. It takes more energy to allow fear to force us into not taking risks than it does to just take the risk.

5. Sing, dance, and tap to the music. In other words, have fun. We often think of fun as something only kids engage in. After all, we’re adults — we work, provide, stress, teach, bank in, and cash out. We don’t take time to do the things we enjoy such as watching a movie, taking a walk, listening to music, singing (even if you can’t), dancing, and just being plain goofy. There is a time for these things. Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.

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